BPM backbone builds new paths to customer engagement

Pega, a business process management software forerunner, is using BPM to deliver new customer engagement and CRM software for its customers.

Today's customer service, customer experience or customer engagement software can put a strain on your IT infrastructure if your systems are not well-integrated enough. Multichannel CRM relies on processes that can connect customers to you via whatever platform they choose. But if your systems are not connected, you are not connected to your customers.

It's not surprising then that Pega, which built its reputation on business process management (BPM), sees big things for customer engagement software this year.

In this podcast, Editorial Director Scot Petersen talks with Steve Kraus, senior director for CRM solutions at Pega, based in Cambridge, Mass., about what customer engagement means and how BPM enables engagement by connecting with customers across each touchpoint or channel, and also enables users to build customer-centric processes that allow them to connect via whatever platforms they choose.

Also in this podcast, Kraus discusses:

  • Why customer engagement matters for businesses this year.
  • How Pega uses BPM to create a multichannel view.
  • How BPM can help integrate CEM or CRM into other enterprise workflow systems.

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