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Networking Know IT All: WAN technology

Test your knowledge of our Featured Topic on WAN design with these trivia questions. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the correct answer.

1.) Which WAN technology will require the most bandwidth to handle a given VoIP session?
a. PPP
b. Frame relay
c. ATM

2.) What's SONET's maximum theoretical throughput?
a. 10 Gbits/sec.
b. 1 Gbit/sec.
c. Mbits/sec.
d. 155 Mbits/sec.

3.) What's the first carrier to give customers the option of a nationwide Ethernet WAN?
a. SBC
b. BroadWing
c. WorldCom
d. Qwest

4.) A consumer has 4 branch offices through the southeast. He'd like to interconnect all of the branches. Which possible WAN would be most cost-effective?
a. Frame relay
b. Gigabit Ethernet
c. ATM

5.) True or False: There are products capable of monitoring a remote network over your Frame Relay WAN connection.
a. True
b. False

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1.) c. ATM

2.) a. 10 Gbits./sec.

3.) c. WorldCom

4.) a. Frame relay

5.) a. True

This was last published in May 2002

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