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How can SAP Missing Parts improve the production planning process?

The SAP Missing Parts Information System can help prevent production or maintenance disruptions by alerting planners to impending material or component shortages.

In the course of the production planning process, there’s nothing more frustrating for production supervisors or...

maintenance planners than finding out that the components they need for a product or the spare parts they need to maintain a critical machine are unavailable when they need them most. SAP ERP's Missing Parts Information System is a reporting tool that alerts planners of component or spare parts shortages that could block production or maintenance.

Before proceeding with production, planners can use the Missing Parts Information System to gain comprehensive visibility of the missing components that may lead to production slowdown or stoppage. Planners can also use this tool to decide how much partial production (out of the total planned production quantity) the available components can ensure.

For example, a planner intends to produce a total quantity of 1,000 bars of soap of a specific fragrance in a day. With the Missing Parts Information System, the planner can find out that the components in stock are enough to produce 600 soap bars, and then can begin production and incorporate the missing components when they become available. Alternately, the production planner may decide to defer production of that type of soap and choose to produce soap of a different fragrance with readily available components.

When a production planner creates a production order, the system checks for components availability and displays an alert if there are missing components. Alternately, the system can display an alert when the production order is released. The production planner can still choose to release the production order to begin the production process. The production planner releases the production order on the assumption that the missing components will become available in due course.

Figure 1 is the Missing Parts Information System that shows the quantity required (see column Reqmt. Qty). The last column shows the shortage components’ quantities (see column Shortage) of various production orders.

SAP ERP Missing Parts
Figure 1 Missing Parts Information System

For maintenance planners, the steps are fundamentally the same as in the production planning process, except that the maintenance order contains the spare parts required to maintain or refurbish a faulty machine. The information on missing spare parts is available to help the maintenance planner decide if the maintenance work should begin or not.

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