NetApp Data Fabric

NetApp’s Data Fabric is a software-defined approach to data management that enables businesses to connect disparate data management and storage resources and streamline data management between on-premises and cloud storage.  The products and services that compose NetApp’s Data Fabric are designed to provide customers with the agility they need to quickly and efficiently move data to and from the cloud, retrieve data from the cloud and move data from one cloud provider to another as business requirements change.

The foundation of the NetApp’s Data Fabric is a storage operating system called ONTAP. As part of the Data Fabric, NetApp developed a special cloud version of ONTAP, called ONTAP for Cloud. ONTAP for Cloud creates a virtual NetApp Data Platform within enterprise-level public cloud environments that partner with NetApp. This virtual platform allows data to be stored the same way it is stored on in-house NetApp systems. The continuity enables administrators to move data to where and when it is needed without requiring conversions, and in turn, this allows the public cloud provider partner to act as an extension of the enterprise data center.

NetApp launched its Data Fabric vision in 2014 at Insight, the company’s annual user conference, in response to their customers’ need to have a more unified view of enterprise data across multiple internal and external data centers. As of this writing, NetApp public cloud partners include Google Cloud Platform public cloud storage, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer.

This was last updated in June 2016

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