4 Ways Data is Enhancing Marketing’s Relationship with Sales in EMEA

Quality data

Insight from marketing leaders at TechTarget’s London ROI Summit Data is an essential component to any MarTech infrastructure, and investment in good quality data is crucial to the pipeline value […]

There Are No Secrets to Great Marketing

It’s true – there are no secrets to great marketing.  Everything that we, as marketers, do is on public display (and if it’s not, is it really marketing at all?). […]

Lead Management: 3 Things Marketers Don’t Know

Lead Management Confusion

If marketers were required to defend their lead generation strategy, the hard work of their teams and the initiatives they take to generate opportunities for their sales organizations, how successful […]

Marketer misalignment #1: The IT research and purchasing process

Marketers are always trying to align their strategies with the needs and behaviors of their target audience. Leveraging resources such as research reports, industry experts, success stories of peers all […]

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