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BitLocker: BitLocker is an operating system-level extension to Vista that combines on-disk encryption and special ...

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By Kevin Beaver Evaluate Oct 27, 2016

BitLocker full-disk encryption makes its case in the enterprise

Now that Microsoft BitLocker includes Direct Memory Access, Azure Active Directory and other new features, IT admins should consider it as an option for full-disk encryption. Continue Reading


By Tayla Holman Get Started Apr 30, 2015

Learn how to use BitLocker in Windows Server 2012

BitLocker is an encryption feature in all versions of Windows Server 2012 that can protect the data on your PC and hard drive. Learn how to install and use it. Continue Reading


By Karen Scarfone Evaluate Apr 10, 2015

Microsoft BitLocker: Full disk encryption software overview

Expert Karen Scarfone examines the features of BitLocker, Microsoft's native full disk encryption software for Windows laptops, desktops and servers. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Dec 16, 2014

MDOP 2014 gets BitLocker, app virtualization updates

The MDOP 2014 suite includes changes in tools for remotely managing and restoring Windows, as well as new BitLocker Group Policy settings. Continue Reading


By Tim Anderson Sep 13, 2011


By Serdar Yegulalp Problem Solve Jun 20, 2013

Finding the best Windows 8 BitLocker alternatives

Microsoft's BitLocker Drive Encryption works with only certain versions of Windows. Two alternatives to Windows 8 BitLocker, one free, could help. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Manage Mar 04, 2014

Ensure compliance with Windows BitLocker encryption using MBAM 2.0

Before you can use MBAM 2.0 to manage Windows BitLocker encryption across multiple computers, follow these tips on deploying and administering it. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started Feb 24, 2014

MBAM 2.0 simplifies large-scale Microsoft BitLocker implementations

Ensuring encryption compliance across multiple machines gets easier with MBAM 2.0, which enables enforcement and management of Microsoft BitLocker. Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Problem Solve Mar 29, 2013

A quick look at BitLocker installation requirements

A basic BitLocker installation doesn't require any unusual steps, but deploying it on Windows Server 2012 comes with a few caveats. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Problem Solve Jul 15, 2013

Looking at Windows 8 BitLocker full-disk encryption and alternatives

Microsoft has improved several features in Windows 8 BitLocker, but IT shops may still want to consider whole-disk encryption alternatives. Continue Reading