Omar Nawaz

President -

Rouge Group -

IoT Agenda

Omar Nawaz is the founder and president of Rouge Group, a management consulting firm that provides business strategy, innovation, product management, and strategic and technical alliance services for cloud, IoT, software and services to late-stage startups, enterprises and global service providers. Previously he was the executive vice president of Zaytuna College, first of its kind liberal arts college in Berkeley, Calif. As part of the founding team, he was responsible for the development, operations and finance of the college during its formative years. Prior to Zaytuna, Omar was the founder and CEO of MobiZim, a cloud-based service for parental controls and personal content management on smartphone. Earlier, Omar held senior technical and management roles at Microsoft and Cisco where he led definition and development of products in emerging technologies to create new markets and successfully build several $100 million businesses. Omar holds an MBA and Master in Engineering Management from San Jose State University and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah.