Steve Jones

Director, Database and Analytics -

ThreatMetrix -


Steve has been working with Java since 1998. A seasoned veteran of the data management and systems software industry, Steve developed his first relational DBMS at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in 1977.

This was the beginning of many "firsts" for Steve as he established himself as a skilled engineering team leader focused on innovation and technology advancement. At Synapse Computer Systems, Steve led a team that developed a relational database management system for Online Transaction Processing, the first commercial implementation of a symmetric multi-processor that included a RDBMS within the operating system. For Plexus Computers, Steve served as director of DataServer Software where he hired and managed the team that developed the company?s Unix- and SQL-based data management software for imaging. He also managed the firm?s Database, Operating Systems, Communications and QA groups. While at Plexus, Steve served on the ANSI SQL committee.

In addition, Steve spent eight years operating his own consulting firm providing services on data management and software/system architecture issues for clients such as Amdahl Corporation, Bank of Boston, Cisco Systems, Eastman Kodak, NCR, Tandem Computers and TRW Financial Systems.

Steve holds a B.S. and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska, and since 1998 has focused his continuing engineering innovation within the Java development community.