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Snackable content is website content that is designed to be easy for readers to consume and to share.

Companies with customer-facing websites often need to publish a constant supply of fresh content to drive site traffic and boost awareness of their brand. From a Content marketing and brand awareness perspective, Web content must be snackable. With the overwhelming volume of information on the Web, if site visitors aren't intrigued enough by the content to read it and -- perhaps even more importantly -- share it with their social networks, then the content doesn't have much business value. Snackable content should help support the brand by sharing information about the industry or the company's story, not by pushing products. An important goal of snackable content is to tempt the reader to consume more content.

 Snackable content tries to capture the attention of website visitors who are browsing and don't have the time or patience to consume long, text-heavy artices.  Although detractors of snackable content maintain that it is dumbing down the Internet, proponents point out that it just makes sense to have the content fit the delivery channel -- and mobile is increasingly becoming the primary delivery channel. To make long-form articles more snackable, they can be broken down into smaller components. Responsive or adaptive website design can also help make content more snackable, as flexible website design makes content easier to view on smartphones and tablets.

Visual elements like infographics and photos play an important role in snackable content. Attention-grabbing headlines that use humor or ask questions are also useful, since they're a fast way to draw readers in.  Readers are often attuned to sensationalist headlines that aren't supported by high-quality content, however, so companies need to constantly evaluate their approach to headline writing, avoid gimmicks and make sure that the content backs up the headlines.

This was last updated in February 2015

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