Oracle Commerce Platform

Oracle Commerce Platform is Oracle's omnichannel technology to create a seamless customer experience and stitch together data from various customer channels. While this was traditionally the role of CRM applications or online web applications, today vendors are combining sales, marketing and service in what are known as commerce platforms.

Like its competition, Oracle has proffered the Commerce Platform to integrate customer data generated by sales, marketing, service, mobile, social and various other data silos, and bring that data together in a single, 360-degree customer view. Increasingly, vendors are moving to supplement the customer data that resides in companies' CRM systems, or customer account databases, with data from other departments -- such as marketing and service -- as well as with third-party data that provides more intelligent information about customers' behavior, preferences and readiness to buy. By combining marketing, service and digital behavioral data online, companies can develop more comprehensive views of customers and prospects.

The need to link and better understand this data has become paramount as customer journeys through various channels become less linear and more complex. While, previously, consumers might have just traveled to a store or done minimal online product research, today, they travel freely between digital and physical channels, and their paths can indicate clues about their preferences or next purchases. The idea is to use technology to create a seamless experience that transcends channels, or to create a fluid, omnichannel experience.

Other vendors are developing similar platforms to create seamless customer experience and integrate customer information. Salesforce has its Commerce Cloud and SAP has the Beyond CRM/Hybris platform.

This was last updated in November 2016

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