Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is a tool that allows companies to connect Salesforce apps and create a unified customer ID to build a single view of the customer. It was introduced at Dreamforce 2018 and incorporates the functionality of MuleSoft to allow companies to connect any app, data source or device across any cloud service or on premises server. At the Connections 2019 conference, Salesforce expanded Customer 360 will new features that make it easier to bridge fragmented customer data across an entire organization and enable companies to deliver integrated customer engagement at scale. Customer 360 goes beyond the traditional customer data platform (CDP) capabilities and extends the practices of CRM with consumer-scale data management and activation.

Features of Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 includes the following features:

  • Data unification and consent management- Companies are able to unify all of their customer data to create rich, comprehensive customer profiles. This includes known and unknown data such as cookies and first-party IDs. With Salesforce's consent management framework, companies also have the ability to easily gain customer consent in areas like email marketing and digital advertising.
  • Advanced audience segmentation- Segmentation capabilities allow companies to identify specific groups of people to engage with based on demographics, engagement history or other available customer information. For example, a company would be able to build an audience of female shoppers interested in running shoes based on information gathered from a combination of web browsing activities across various channels like websites, emails and previous purchases.
  • Personalized customer engagement- Once a company has identified an audience, it can then activate customer data across marketing, commerce and service. This allows companies to deliver a unified, continuous experience to customers and prospects across all marketing channels.
  • Optimization based on Einstein Insights- With artificial intelligence (AI), companies can analyze and understand how and when to engage with customers in order to improve customer loyalty and business performance. Customer profiles are continuously updated based on their behaviors, such as clicking an ad, browsing a catalog or buying a product. AI can then be applied to this information to help companies drive the most relevant mix of product or channel recommendations, optimizing engagement and customer satisfaction.
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