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A sales automation tool is programming that streamlines the collection, analysis and distribution of data in a sales pipeline. Sales automation tools can be used to create contacts, aggregate data, mine data, prioritize leads and create reports. The purpose of a sales automation tool is to relieve sales representatives from having to manually complete repetitive tasks that take time away from interactions with current and potential customers. Because sales automation tools cut down on manual data entry, they also reduce the number of mistakes introduced through typographical errors.  

Popular sales automation tools include Hubspot Sales and Pipedrive. Popular sales automation tool features include:

Interaction mapping - the software provides the user with an historical view of all a prospect's interactions with the company.

Contact management - the software provides users with the ability to automate lead nurturing emails and dialing for promotional robocalls.

Pipeline management - the software features dashboards that show where various prospects reside in the sales pipeline.

Order management -  the software automates order fulfillment, shipping and tracking.

Sales forecasting - the software uses artificial intelligence (AI) feature to create pro-forma sales and financial projections.

Employee performance evaluation - the software provides management with a golden record for all activities performed by a sales agent.

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