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October 2015

One company's plan for a comprehensive multichannel strategy

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This chapter is included in the The Multichannel mandate: Ready, set, automate E-Book.

Companies are constantly flooded with customer information across multiple media channels, including websites, mobile apps, social media and blogs. The key to improved service and sales is to tie together all of these sources of information into one comprehensive customer profile. Powerful integration and analytics tools can help companies gather and consolidate these channels of customer data.

The problem is that most retailers say they can't profitably operate a multichannel strategy. "Multichannel is a promise," said Stuart Sim, an analytics consultant for West Monroe Partners, "but you can't deliver on the promise until you solve for the challenges of accumulating, collecting, making sense of and normalizing all the data streams you have access to." One high-growth company has plans to do just that by bringing together disparate information from various channels so that the company has a more holistic view of each customer.

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Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is a former contributor to SearchCustomerExperience.Read More

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