Selligent Marketing Cloud partners with Genesys for CX growth

Selligent paired its CX suite with Genesys Customer Experience Platform to improve customer experience by providing organizations with a full view of the customer journey.

Marketing automation company Selligent Marketing Cloud and CX and contact center company Genesys are partnering to bolster customer experiences. Selligent Marketing Cloud, in combination with Genesys Customer Experience Platform, will bridge gaps between sales, customer service and marketing, according to the vendors.

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a B2C marketing platform designed to personalize end-user experiences across multiple channels. Its Universal Consumer Profile feature provides a single view of customer activity by aggregating real-time multichannel data.

Genesys' omnichannel CX platform is a suite of software -- PureConnect, PureCloud, Genesys Cloud and PureEngage -- that enables organizations to manage and monitor customer journeys and interactions.

By breaking down silos between marketing, sales and service, the partnership of the two vendor product suites enables organizations to see a full view of the customer journey, draw conclusions from data and suggest real-time recommendations to the end user.

Selligent Marketing Cloud with Genesys Customer Experience Platform brings the following capabilities:

  • AI-driven personalization for the end user, using past purchase behavior and interactions to surface relevant offers;
  • consistency across touchpoints by being able to view the whole customer journey; and
  • improved customer engagement, as agents have the information to proactively follow up or share product information.

Selligent Marketing Cloud and Genesys showcased the partnership of products and the impact on CX at Genesys Xperience19's inaugural Sales and Marketing Day on June 11.

Also at Xperience19, Genesys introduced new capabilities for Genesys AI that connect native and third-party technologies. Centralized orchestration enables users to map complex business logic, perform back-end system integrations and change AI providers.

Providing the framework for all AI integrations, Genesys AI captures, processes and analyzes third-party data and supports real-time predictions, speech and text analytics, and self-service automation.

The updated Genesys AI capabilities are available now, along with other developments in the vendor's Summer Innovations collection.

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