Helpshift launches omnichannel communication platform

Connected Customer Conversations is an omnichannel communication platform where a customer's information follows them from channel to channel for customer support.

Helpshift has launched Connected Customer Conversations -- a platform designed to connect digital channels, phone support, self-service and bots for a better customer support experience.

According to Helpshift, combining the different channels of communication enables customers to have one continuous conversation with brands. Customers can get support instantly through self-service and bots, and then be routed to an agent on their channel of choice.

Connected Customer Conversations directs customers toward channels where they will get the most efficient support so they don't have to wait around on hold for help, Helpshift said. The platform carries context from channel to channel to prevent customers from having to repeat themselves or start over. Both that context and the conversation history are saved, so both support teams and customers are able to access it at any time.

As part of Connected Customer Conversations, Helpshift has also launched Helpshift for Phone, an integrated voice and messaging system. It enables customers who begin their conversation on messaging to be moved to a live phone conversation with an agent when necessary.

Customers who begin their conversation with a phone call are given the option to dial one, and receive a text that opens up a personalized messaging conversation. According to Helpshift, this is an alternative to waiting on hold for an agent.

Helpshift said the idea is that whether going from a message to a phone call or vice versa, having one single conversation and transcript available is the fastest path to resolution.

Customers expect that they will be able to connect and interact with brands using the channels they want to use, and that their information will follow them across channels. A Forrester study claims voice channel use for service has dipped, but other channels have risen in the same period.

In a similar move of increasing omnichannel communication, Pegasystems announced earlier this month it will integrate digital messaging capabilities into its Pega Customer Service platform. It will be available for use with popular apps such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, and Apple Business Chat.

Connected Customer Conversations and Helpshift for Phone are available now.

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