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Oracle's CX GenAI tools consolidate data, manage knowledge

The cloud platform vendor unveiled GenAI tools to increase productivity for marketers, sales teams and customer service agents by creating content and retrieving information.

Oracle is bringing generative AI to its CX tools.

The tech giant on Tuesday unveiled new generative AI-backed capabilities that will make it faster to create knowledge articles and link customer data across its CRM and ERP systems for better personalization in CX.

The vendor shared the new tools for Oracle Fusion Service and Oracle Cloud CX in Las Vegas at Oracle CloudWorld, the vendor's annual user conference.

Given that generative AI tools for CX have become ubiquitous, Oracle's new products don't represent any particular advances, according to Constellation Research analyst Liz Miller.

"Is there something new here? No, at least not in the grand scheme of features or solutions being offered in the CX solution set," Miller said. "This brings Oracle CX tools in their Fusion and Service suites in line with other platform and CX suite vendors."

The most noteworthy takeaway is how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle's cloud services platform, is advancing to contend with competitors such as AWS, she said.

"As AWS continues to dominate, all of these announcements are a timely reminder that Oracle has invested in infrastructure in advance of this GenAI evolution, ready for both the data and business intelligence in demand to train and fine-tune models while accounting for speed," Miller said.

Refining knowledge management

Some of the new generative AI capabilities for Oracle Fusion Service, Oracle's customer service platform, aim to polish the knowledge creation and retrieval process for better self-service, agent-assisted service and field service.

Many companies are finding they really need to rethink their knowledge article strategy to get their knowledge ready for training models.
Rebecca WettemannAnalyst, Valoir

One new feature is Assisted Knowledge Articles, which uses generative AI to create knowledge content for new service issues and customer concerns as they arise. These articles can help service teams by shortening the time it takes to generate new knowledge articles and helping them to understand the necessary fixes faster to better help the customer.

The challenges of constantly updating knowledge articles and ensuring they have pertinent information is common in the service area. But the ability to perfect a knowledge repository becomes easier with the integration of large language models that can help users do it faster.

"Many companies are finding they really need to rethink their knowledge article strategy to get their knowledge ready for training models," Valoir analyst Rebecca Wettemann said. "Obviously, better, more complete data enables more effective training of models, so it makes sense that Oracle's focused on investing in this area as well."

Accessing AI off site

Oracle also unveiled new AI tools for field service agents: Field Service Recommendations and Advanced Field Asset Monitoring.

Field Service Recommendations uses generative AI to help field service workers access instructional content while in the field by suggesting troubleshooting information based on the reported problems. It also proposes possible reasons and repairs.

Advanced Field Asset Monitoring gives field service agents easier access to information about all managed products. It provides essential service and repair information, including details and notes about the repair items, work order history, warranties and subscription information. This information can be viewed on any device.

Advanced Field Asset Monitoring is an example of how Oracle is using generative AI to increase productivity at any place and any time, a capability that is useful to other CX workers as well, Miller said.

"This is very much in the swim lane of delivering productivity boosters to agents, sellers and marketers where and when they need them," she said. "For field service agents, that means leveraging GenAI to aid in troubleshooting issues and providing knowledge content that is contextual to the agent and the asset in maintenance."

Consolidating customer data

In Cloud CX, its CRM applications suite, Oracle unveiled AI-Powered Account Linking for Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales, which is Oracle's sales platform. AI-Powered Account Linking automatically discovers and collects relevant account records from Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and serves them to sellers for more actionable insights and timely alerts.

This feature is a highlight of Oracle's new offerings, according to Wettemann.

"Where Oracle really shines is in areas where bringing ERP and CRM data together helps accelerate resolution of customer issues and drive more intelligent marketing and sales efforts." Wettemann said.

"Bringing together order histories, product data and rich profiles of customer interactions enables sales, marketing and service to more effectively and intelligently engage with customers," she added.

Automation for sales and marketing

Meanwhile, Oracle is also out with a new capability for Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales called Intelligent Sales Orchestration.

The tool automates sales processes and uses generative AI to create insights and recommendations to sales teams. It gives suggestions for how to handle complicated sales scenarios while tracking sales activity with clean data.

Oracle also unveiled new features for Guided Campaigns, which automates collaboration between marketing and sales teams. These new tools include Targeted Account Selling, which uses target account profiles to automatically recommend content to that account and then offer instructions for building the campaign.

Another new feature for Guided Campaigns, Event Promotion, also gives marketers what the vendor said are easy-to-follow instructions for making event marketing campaigns to increase signups and attendance.

Mary Reines is a news writer covering customer experience and unified communications for TechTarget Editorial. Before TechTarget, Reines was arts editor at the Marblehead Reporter.

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