RIOT operating system

RIOT operating system is an open source OS specialized for IoT (internet of things) devices. RIOT was developed by a world-wide grassroots community of companies, academics and hobbyists.

RIOT enables developers familiar with POSIX or Linux to begin developing for IoT devices with no learning curve. This familiar coding enables new comers to IoT to begin coding quickly.

RIOT implements all relevant open standards and is programmed in standard ANSI, C or C++. A single coding can be run across 8-bit platforms such as Arduino’s and Mega 2560’s, 16-bit platforms as in MSP430 and 32-bit platforms such as ARM.  The IoT-specialized OS supports a wide variety of IoT hardware runs on common PCs.

RIOT has a large independent development community and is distributed under an unclonable GNU Lesser General Public License (GPL). These two traits are similar to Linux; due to this similarity, RIOT is often called the Linux of the Internet of Things.

This was last updated in April 2017

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