mobile business intelligence

Mobile business intelligence is software that extends desktop business intelligence (BI) applications so they can be used on a mobile device. MBI applications optimizes traditional BI reports so they can be viewed easily on a small screen and is ideal for displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) and alerts on small screens with simple charts, graphs and sparklines.  An additional benefit of MBI is that it allows data that's captured by the mobile device to be integrated on-the-fly so that reports are currents and mobile workers can make informed decisions in real time. 

Currently, there is not a unified mobile device standard for MBI, making it challenging for vendors to accommodate the way different end user devices. Some BI vendors have integrated mobile capabilities into their existing architecture, while other solutions require an additional server for mobile publishing.  Deployment methods vary depending on the business needs and types of mobile devices used. Some vendors use push technology to make sure the device has the most current data, while other vendors require the user to open an application on the mobile device and pull the most current data. Regardless of delivery method, data security is an important consideration for any deployment and most vendors include encryption and strict authorization components in the applications.  




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