Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice is a voice user interface (VUI) that uses natural language processing (NLP), voice recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to translate and perform basic administrative tasks for Salesforce customers. Made up of two products, Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots, the Einstein Voice solutions process and transcribe conversations into unstructured data that can then be used to complete requests.

Einstein Voice Assistant completes voice commands for Salesforce customers. One of the features is a meetings debrief tool, which writes down verbal notes, transcribes important voice memos and picks out key information such as action items or future deadlines. Additionally, Einstein Voice Assistant can interact with Salesforce data dashboards to perform note dictation, data entry, record updates and company notifications.

Einstein Voice Bots give organizations the ability to create their own customer-facing voice assistant. Connected to Salesforce CRM data, companies can interact with users through voice-enabled interactions. For example, a company could provide answers to basic questions or update reservations based on customer voice commands.

Einstein Voice Assistant functions and features

  • Accessible through the Salesforce mobile app or smart speakers.
  • Delivers personalized daily briefings of key Salesforce metrics.
  • Completes voice-activated Salesforce database queries in real time.
  • Customizable to individual users.
  • Can be taught to recognize company jargon.
  • Automatically identifies terms like "next month" and sets reminders.

Einstein Voice Bots functions and features

  • No external code required.
  • Built in a few clicks.
  • Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa devices and other voice platforms.
  • Provides a personalized conversational CRM solution.
  • Can implement corporate branding to provide a consistent customer experience.
This was last updated in November 2018

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