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10 Dreamforce to You 2020 sessions for sales managers

DreamTX -- part of the Dreamforce to You 2020 lineup -- will offer a variety of relevant sessions for attending sales managers. Here's a peek at 10 of those sessions.

While Dreamforce sessions will look different this year, they will still be packed with tips and other information for sales managers -- right from the comfort of their own couch.

DreamTX -- part of this year's Dreamforce to You -- takes place Dec. 14 to 17. DreamTX will offer more than 600 sessions in a virtual format for sales, marketing and IT professionals.

Here are 10 sessions for sales managers to consider when planning a schedule for this year's Dreamforce.

"New ways to run a best-in-class virtual sales team"

COVID-19 sent many employees to home offices, resulting in scattered teams and the need for new ways to manage and engage remote sales teams. In this session, Salesforce customers will discuss how they've developed new ways to manage and coach sales teams and engage with their customers.

"2021: The year of the sales leader"

In 2021, the competitive advantage for sales leaders will be knowing how to adapt and grow a team through new mindsets, skill sets and leadership skills. In this session, learn how modern sales leaders are using Salesforce to be successful.

"Tableau CRM: Intelligent insights in your CRM"

Tableau CRM provides users with AI-driven insights and contextual analytics, helping to smooth out the sales process. In this session, learn how Tableau CRM can help sales teams make better decisions.

"The practical side of sales excellence"

Sales excellence is all about tailoring the sales cycle to better serve customers while being efficient. In this session, learn tips to enable sales teams to grow, increase customer engagement and reduce operating costs, while providing an exceptional customer experience.

"How to move to a subscription business model"

Many businesses are evaluating subscription-based revenue as they plan for the future. In this session, learn how some Salesforce customers have made the transition.

"How to extend Sales Cloud with Salesforce Anywhere"

The Salesforce Anywhere app provides users with access to Salesforce collaboration features on the go. In this session, learn how Salesforce Anywhere can help sales teams get the information they need where and when they need it, while providing access to collaboration and real-time alerts.

"Accelerate revenue growth with the new Revenue Cloud"

The year 2020 was challenging for many sales teams -- especially when it came to processes that slowed down revenue. In this session, learn how Salesforce customers have used Revenue Cloud to transform the buying experience and launch new revenue models.

"How to drive sales excellence in changing times"

The unprecedented and continuing change of 2020 forced sales leaders to quickly pivot and adapt. In this session, learn how Salesforce customers adjusted in this new climate, accelerating decision-making and adapting go-to-market strategies.

"Unlock the back office with MuleSoft and Salesforce"

To use Salesforce to its fullest capacity, businesses must build integrations that connect to other back-office systems -- such as ERP software. In this demo session, learn how MuleSoft can help integrate Salesforce with those back-office systems to provide a single view of the customer.

"Empower sales and service teams with MyTrailhead"

Trailhead learning modules help both Salesforce customers and noncustomers skill up and make the most of Salesforce's CRM platform. In this demo session, learn how sales and customer service teams can use MyTrailhead to master necessary Salesforce skills to efficiently do their jobs.

Registration for Dreamforce to You 2020 and all DreamTX sessions is free to all.

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