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HubSpot adds usability features to Marketing Hub Enterprise

HubSpot launched new features to their Marketing Hub Enterprise tool that focuses on user-friendliness and ability, while maintaining the tool's powerfulness.

Marketing software company Hubspot recently released new updates and features to its marketing tool, Marketing Hub Enterprise, to make the software easier to use.

"What HubSpot is essentially doing is taking the most intuitive marketing tools out there and responding to how their customers are growing," said Gerry Murray, research director of marketing and sales technology at IDC. "Now these businesses are growing, and HubSpot has learned that they have to grow with them."

HubSpot's shift into the midsize market was sparked by the growth of its customers. With this, HubSpot has climbed one more notch of the enterprise ladder, Murray said. Historically, marketing enterprise tools have been very powerful yet lacked usability.

"Traditionally, you have to choose [power or usability] and many marketers and software buyers understand the more power you need the more you have to sacrifice ease of use," said Nicholas Holland, general manager of Marketing Hub and vice president of product at HubSpot. "We made a commitment that we would not sacrifice HubSpot's ease of use."

Some of the new features of Marketing Hub Enterprise are:

  • AI-powered A/B testing: With the use of artificial intelligence, users can create up to five variations of a site and machine learning helps to figure out which site has the best performance.
  • Partitioning: Allows team members to separate assets and stay organized while performing different functions.
  • Revenue attribution: Gives marketers insight into how much revenue is gained in all stages and campaigns.

"HubSpot has come from a place of generally serving smaller businesses. ... They're moving up into a big market," Murray said. "They are servicing bigger companies with more complex marketing teams."

Marketing Hub Enterprise is just one of the many that are starting to shift to a new way of thinking of software development and user experience, according to Holland.

"Our founders obsess over the way people buy and it has been that way for the whole life of the company," Holland said. "We as a human race are becoming more and more accustomed to delightful experience and things at our fingertips."

Marketing Hub Enterprise pricing starts at $3,200 per month. Some of HubSpot's competitors for marketing tools are Act-On, Marketo and Salesforce.

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