IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation (formerly IBM Worklight)

IBM MobileFirst Foundation, formerly known as IBM Worklight®, is a suite of software development products that allow developers to build and deliver mobile applications for the enterprise.  

IBM talks about their MobileFirst Platform in two ways, focusing on its capabilities and also by its components. The capabilities are known as: Continuously Improve, Secure, Contextualize and Personalize, and Enrich with Data. The components are: Mobile Quality Assurance, Application Scanning, Cloudant DBaaS, Advanced Mobile Access and Push, Presence Insights and Foundation.

IBM’s MobileFirst Platform Foundation includes the following components:

  • Studio: A collection of tools for mobile app development designed to help maximize code reuse and accelerate development.
  • Server: Mobile-optimized middleware that serves as a gateway between applications, back-end systems and cloud-based services.
  • Device Runtime Components: Runtime client APIs designed to enhance security, governance and usability.
  • Platform Cloudant® Data Layer Local: A database management system (DBMS) designed to support scaling demands and form an optimized data backend for mobile applications.
  • Application Center: A component that allows users to set up an enterprise app store that manages the distribution of production-ready mobile apps.
  • Console: An administrative graphical user interface (GUI) designed to provide real-time operational analytics for the server, adapters, and applications and push services to help manage, monitor and instrument mobile apps.

IBM has published a video that explains more about the IBM MobileFirst Platform.


This was last updated in July 2015

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From MobileFirst Console to MobileFirst Application Center, tools that aid in the development process are all available from MobileFirst Platform Foundation.

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