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Application, database and data security quiz

Are you up to speed with database and application security know-how? Test your comprehension of best practices, emerging threats and more with this data security quiz.

As organizations increasingly transition to remote work and public cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, traditional perimeter-based security approaches are no longer sufficient. Security teams are now tasked with securing a new perimeter: the data itself.

A focus on data security places renewed importance on endpoints and visibility -- visibility into what applications are being used, as well as who is accessing what data and from where. Some IT security teams may choose to allocate budgets toward new technology or vendor tools that promise to help them achieve data security at their organizations.

But no one tool is a substitution for actionable expertise. IT leaders must be able to demonstrate an up-to-date understanding of database and application security techniques, such as encrypting sensitive data and conducting regular user access reviews, to improve data security.

Armed with a working knowledge of data security best practices, IT leaders are better equipped to prevent breaches, insider threats and other incidents. Take this data security quiz to test your knowledge and help reinforce your comprehension of the techniques, trends and tools to keep your organization's data and applications secure.

This was last published in November 2020

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