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Be more effective by increasing your business storytelling

It’s been a busy week around the Web, and chances are you missed some things. Between the news of the iPhone 4S and Steve Jobs’ death, it seems like the Web was absolutely sticky with Apple juice — so you might have missed the latest RAMCloud buzz and a handy-dandy little crib sheet to help you increase your business storytelling. It’s all right here, for quick and easy surfing in those few moments of downtime.

• We’ve all heard that the most important component for communicating to the business is finding a way to tell them a story. CEO Patrick Hanlon arms you with the eight primary strategies for business storytelling and creating a compelling narrative.

• Storage blogger Robin Harris predicts that RAMCloud is the new Flash. Is it really? We’re not convinced.

• Does your management team complain about spending too much time “fighting fires?” Maybe you should point out that real firefighters actually spend most of their time in prevention.

• In what must be the shortest product lifecycle ever, Netflix has now abandoned Qwikster. Hey guys, thanks for being a great example in how not to manage a corporate reputation.

• Steve Jobs was a master of business storytelling and his untimely passing was hard to miss and hard to take. The outpouring of sympathy and grief even created a measurable surge on Twitter.

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