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How the Google acquisition of Motorola affects your mobile workforce

It’s been a busy week in tech. Google’s acquisition of Motorola has everyone wondering how it will affect their mobile workforce. Here’s a tasting menu of the choicest bits around the Web, including Google’s acquisition of Motorola and how you’ll have to pry the smartphones from the cold dead hands of your mobile workforce.

• While smartphones continue to drive our mobile workforce, we’re becoming so accustomed to the convenience that a recent Pew study on smartphone use found almost a third of users had experienced difficulty living their lives in the past month when they didn’t have their smartphones handy.

• If you’ve been following the social experiment of Jonathan’s card, it’s a sad note that Starbucks has officially put its foot down after blogger Sam Odio transferred $625 of the community pot to his own card.

• The politics of employee salaries are often about a sense of fairness as well as compensation, but if you can’t afford to bump up the salary, an increase in personal autonomy can help keep your rock stars from jumping ship.

• When considering how to inject innovation into your teams, don’t underestimate the importance of fun. Wooga’s CEO feels that playing is a core human desire.

• What does Google’s acquisition of Motorola mean? Great news for an Android mobile workforce, but some wonder if this takeover might not force Microsoft to buy Nokia.

• Does your company use webinars? Bob Darabant uncovers tricks and tips for truly effective webinars, and it’s a lot more about your technique rather than technology.

• Your mobile workforce might be powered by iPhones and Androids but did you know that Wall Street runs on Linux?

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