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Whatever happened to last year's promising iPad clones?

Things getting hectic as you enter Q4? It seems like no matter what you do, you still just keep feeling like you’re two steps behind. We know how it feels, and we’re here to make it better. We’ve chased down the best commentary and news tidbits from all around the Web to provide you with optimized reading material during your few snippets of free time. We’ve got the scoop on the Amazon Kindle Fire, why the smart grid has failed to come to fruition and the sad story behind so many promised 2010 iPad clones, all in tasty, bite-sized morsels.

• Is Jeff Bezos the new Steve Jobs? While we’re not as lavish with the praise as some bloggers, there is some credence to this prediction. Barnes & Noble stock fell a whopping 9% immediately after Amazon announced its contribution to the host of iPad clones. Perhaps Bezos is onto something?

• With green technology being the hottest trend of the 2010s, why has the concept of the smart grid failed to thrive in the U.S.? Boyd Cohen thinks it all points back to the shareholders.

• Juggling a desktop and a laptop computer along with your host of mobile gadgets? Here’s how to share a mouse and a keyboard across multiple computers. There’s a catch, though — it only works with Windows. Now if only it worked for tablets, too.

• What’s the sweet spot for optimal productivity with multiple monitors? Is two enough? Do you prefer five for a Mission Control spread, or nine for the full NORAD experience? Scott Hanselman makes the case for three monitors on a workstation.

• You’ve banged out a contract with your managed service provider, but how do you erase those nagging feelings that you missed something? Tam Harbert has a list of seven vendor contract imperatives that may surprise you.

• Remember the heady days of 2010, when you couldn’t swing a bat without hitting the news of yet another promised round of iPad clones? The brilliant Harry McCracken plays “whatever happened to” with a host of promising tablet devices, and guess what? Many of them never saw the light of day.

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