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Google data center solutions to adapt in your own IT shop

Each week, we scour the World Wide Web to give you a quick punch of last week’s biggest news stories and interesting blog posts. This week, we’re taking a look at whether computer science should be mandatory education, the new Wi-Fi coverage in the London Underground, and two very creative data center solutions that conserve energy and allow for more choices in data center build sites.

  • The fancy new Facebook Timeline is now open to all, and you get a week to go through your old posts and hide anything you don’t want your neighbor or your old girlfriend to see. You know, stuff you did back in those naïve days when we thought that posting on Facebook was totally harmless. Ah, youth!
  • We’ve all heard that the Internet is a series of tubes, but now Londoners will be able to surf the tubes while riding the Tube. The London Underground will have Wi-Fi coverage in time for the 2012 Olympics. We hope they don’t forget to mind the gap.
  • With bigger and bigger data centers on the horizon, it’s always a struggle to find a place to put them. This developer has submitted a design for 36,000-square-foot data center solutions that hide in plain sight as a luxury mansion.
  • Only days after we waxed poetic on the future of RIM, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balisillie are stepping down as co-CEOs of RIM. Is there any hope left for BlackBerry at this point?
  • “Stay hungry, stay foolish” is probably one of the best Steve Jobs quotes around, and now it’s going to be making the rounds on a Virgin America plane named after Jobs. You probably don’t even have to ask if it’s got great Wi-Fi coverage, right?
  • Should computer science be mandatory for kids in school? Andy Young believes that all kids should learn coding along with their reading and ‘rithmatic, but first we need to make sure normal people understand what “coding” means.
  • Have you ever experienced some of these stupid user tricks?
  • Google recognizes its green data center solutions with solid ideas you could adapt for just about any size company.
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