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Public-sector CIOs leading IT transformation

I’m not sure about you, but my first impression of government’s use of technology is that they are still working off VAX computers and dumb terminals. But, really, it’s quite the contrary. Here are some leaders of IT transformation working in the public sector:

  • Vivek Kundra, the CIO of the U.S. — the first CIO of the U.S., I might add — is an enthusiastic supporter of cloud computing. Unfortunately, he has just announced that he is leaving his post in August.
  • Ed Bell, the interim CIO serving the House and Senate of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, has interesting ideas about business process automation, as we have written about in the past on
  • And Malcolm Jackson, CIO of the Environmental Protection Agency and assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Environmental Information, discusses the meaning of “transformational technology” in the latest addition to our CIO Innovators video series.

“The CIO’s role is to help drive and nurture innovation and help the organization to understand realities … and find possibilities,” said Jackson. “It all starts with a business process or business engagement model, and you are wrapping technology around that.”

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