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IPad Bluetooth keyboards, iPad’s own keyboard vulnerable to hackers

Were you on vacation and unplugged last week? While you’re planning your shopping list for the week, you might want to add an iPad Bluetooth keyboard and a 20-foot touch-screen wall. Here’s what you missed around the Web last week.

If you’re avoiding iPad Bluetooth keyboards for fear that hackers will nab your keystrokes, you might want to look over your shoulder. Hackers are also using a new app that can visually pick up on the glowing iPad keyboard as you hit the keys.

We all envy those corporate leaders who seem to pull it off without seeming stressed. Seth Godin says the secret is in not worrying about anything. Yeah, it’s just that simple.

Don’t you wish that all of your conference rooms came with a 20-foot touch-screen wall? Heck, bet you could get them as long as the CEO got one in his office first. The kids at the University of Illinois at Chicago get all the coolest toys!

The next time you hear grumbling about the speed of your Ethernet, remind the complainer that back in your day, 10 Mbps was smoking fast. Check out this history of Ethernet for a little perspective on just how far we have come.

In 2008, there were more things connected to the Internet than people on the Earth. This cool infographic takes that statistic and runs with it, starting with a story about cows. Nifty!

Did you miss Cisco Live last week? CIO Scott Lowe has the inside track on what happened in Vegas.

The art of software engineering is totally different than the art of software engineering management, writes Mark Shuttleworth. He details considerations for managing your techies.

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