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TrueCrypt and Dropbox go together like peanut butter and chocolate

We’ve scoured the Web and compiled a crib sheet for the best and most interesting tidbits from around the IT blogosphere last week, including using TrueCrypt and Dropbox for data encryption, the Twitter API and the age-old debate of Google vs. Apple. Here’s what you might have missed:

There was some concern that a recent OAuth update in Twitter’s API would now allow third-party Twitter applications to access your private messages without authorization. Twitter attempted to soothe our worried brows over the possible loss of DM privacy, but we’re still twitchy over the whole thing.

Google vs. Apple: Which techno megagiant is cooler? It’s like asking whether Gandalf could beat Obi-Wan in a fight — does it really matter?

Everyone’s heard of an upside-down mortgage, but what about an upside-down workforce — millennials have difficulty finding jobs because the baby boomers won’t retire.

If you’re like most people, you subscribe to Groupon’s emails but have never actually bought a Groupon. We wonder how many of that 18% of buyers are actually using their Groupons before they expire?

One of our favorite personal IT bloggers, Jason Fitzpatrick, explores readers’ favorite tips and tricks for encrypting data. No surprises there –TrueCrypt and Dropbox are popular conjoined services.

About 1% of Citibank customers’ names, credit card numbers, mailing and email addresses were exposed to hackers last month, but Citibank chose not to reveal the breach to the public until last week, drawing harsh responses from industry experts. On the heels of Epsilon, Sony and Gmail, one has to wonder who is next. Hopefully not TrueCrypt and Dropbox!

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