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Death to the HP TouchPad tablets! Long live the king!

It’s been a busy week in tech, with the demise of WebOS on everyone’s lips and the inevitable budget crunch as we prepare for 2012. Never fear: We’ve scoured the Web so you don’t have to! Here’s a tasting menu of the choicest bits, including the HP TouchPad tablet fire sale, rumors of an Amazon tablet, and what every CIO needs to know.

Last week Google bought Motorola, and this week HP plans to cease WebOS operations and purchase knowledge management system Autonomy. Tim Anderson details why a PC spin-off could backfire.

If you were quick on the draw, you might have been able to score a $99 HP TouchPad tablet during the HP fire sale over the weekend. But if you missed out, there are still some tips for finding a cheap HP TouchPad. Perhaps a great stocking stuffer?

Running an IT department is a bit like running a startup. We love taking inspiration from unlikely sources, like this list of things every startup CEO should know.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, and it’s definitely true when it comes to self-delusions that kill productivity. Who hasn’t been guilty of the sunk cost fallacy?

Are you ready for the release of iPhone 5? No, really. Get ready, because analysts are saying the release of iPhone 5 could be even bigger than you thought.

The body isn’t even cold yet, but Amazon might be rushing to fill the void left by the death of the HP TouchPad tablet with an Amazon tablet PC. We’re going to bet that it will come pre-stocked with Kindle software.

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