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Corporate innovation: Why you're never going to win

We scoured last week’s blogs for the best and brightest blog posts and media on topics of interest to midmarket CIOs. This week we’re examining the problems that plague midsize corporations, like middle-management tar pits and stuck organizations. We also look at the challenge of constant corporate innovation, as the Chief Innovation Officer must be a problem-solver as well as a visionary. Here are the high points of the braintrust that caught our editors’ eyes last week.

With Facebook’s disappointing IPO fallout, Allen Gannett has declared that the social media bubble has officially been popped. No offense, Allen, but we’re going to hold off on last rites for a bit.

Gartner has its own Gandalf in Mark P. McDonald, and he thinks that a CIO’s main problem is too few managers and too many administrators.

Are you willing to ignore dissent in your user community? If not, you might be stuck, according to Seth Godin.

CIOs are always chasing corporate innovation, but how do you measure the speed at which you chase it? Check out the Innovation Ambition Matrix.

Why do we innovate? Because you innovate or you die, says blogger Stefano Boscutti.

There are four zones for corporate innovation: Where does your team fall on Jim Kalbach’s scale?

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