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Strong passwords are more important than ever

I recently asked one of my sons for passwords to his online accounts, for gaming, email, etc. Not because I’m nosy but because I’m trying to be a responsible parent and home IT administrator, and having strong passwords is a good thing. One I got back was “QWERTY1234.” I made him change it.

It may not matter, though. Passwords are getting even easier to crack, thanks to dedicated graphics card processing, according to our U.K. affiliate, ComputerWeekly. But you already know it: The vast majority of passwords in the enterprise are easily guessable, and many companies still do not require strong passwords, or even new passwords every month or quarter or so.

Cloud computing, big data and consumerization are hot topics now, but the bottom line is that none of it matters without good security policies. But that does not seem to be the priority.

ComputerWeekly also reported on a Xantus survey of CIOs on cloud computing that ranked security fifth on a list of cloud computing concerns. The national SIM organization’s recent survey on the future of IT had security ranked eighth out of 10 on top management concerns this year.

This needs to change. Watch for’s IT priorities survey later this fall, and for a virtual seminar on cloud computing security, produced with and ISACA, in December.

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