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Are personal privacy violations just the cost of mobility?

Each week, we scour the Web and bring you the most tantalizing tidbits that hit our radar. This week, we’re looking at the nasty reality of personal privacy violations, the price of insider trading and a hot new transistor that’s the size of a single atom.

• Remember Google’s vow to do no evil? If you use Safari, you have been the victim of privacy violations. Google has bypassed Safari’s default privacy setting with regards to its third-party cookies. Whoops?

• Speaking of macolytes: Just remember, kids, friends don’t let friends leak Apple insider secrets.

• Are you ready for the Nook 8GB tablet? Time to dig out that BYOD policy and update it again.

• Every CIO is familiar with Moore’s Law, but a new transistor made from a single atom might beat that principle very soon.

• Google is still king of the Web, according to last month’s Web traffic ranking, which also reveals that U.S. Internet users hit a whopping 36 hours online last month. We’re more surprised that there are people still using MySpace.

• If your CMO has been making noise about starting a Facebook storefront, you might want to point out the deserted Facebook storefronts that already litter the social media network’s Main Street.

• Are we just going to have to accept online privacy violations as a way of life?

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