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Can you use the Kindle Fire for business?

Each week, we mine the Web for the jewels of knowledge that appeal to CIOs. This week, we’re looking at the trend of using the Kindle Fire in business, what compels women to quit their IT teams and the expanding reach of the website.

 We’re still not entirely on board with the iPhone 4S voice-controlled assistant Siri; apparently Siri has a problem understanding the Indian accent.

 The half-life of a tech worker is about 15 years, according to Matt Heusser. We’re feeling old right now, how about you?

 Get ready for some BIG big data. The White House is open sourcing its website and taking it global.

 With the holiday tech season in full swing, this year’s big mover and shaker is’s Kindle Fire tablet. The company plans to ship almost 4 million Kindle Fire units in Q4 2011. But can you use it for business?

 Tired of all of those blog posts about how to keep women in information technology? Here’s how to get those women to quit so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

 You might want to watch your credit card statements over the next few weeks. The hacker group Anonymous is pulling a Robin Hood: It’s attacking the finance industry by removing funds from credit card accounts and donating the stolen money to charities around the globe. (If you see something odd, notify your financial institution for reimbursement.)

 Where do you fall in the argument about using the iPad 2 versus the Kindle Fire for business?

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