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Tweak your corporate Twitter policy or risk getting p0wned

Each week we scour the Web and bring you the freshest scoop from around the blogosphere. This week, we’re serving up tasty helpings of corporate Twitter intellectual property questions, IT leadership paradigms, and whether you should stash away your R&D team members in a secret cave and mine their brains for innovative ideas.

Is the only way to beat internal bureaucracy in innovation by creating a secret R&D division independent of the rest of the company? It’s crazy but it just might work: It’s happening right now at Google’s top-secret creativity tank.

 Looking to tweak your corporate Twitter strategy? Mitch Joel’s confessions of Twitter snobbery might give you some ideas on what not to do.

 Are you sitting down? That’s the problem. According to researchers, the standard office chair might be the most unhealthy thing in your IT department.

 Do you obsess over small imperfections in your IT infrastructure and the day-to-day doldrums? If so, you’re thinking like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

 The world’s very first 16-core PC microprocessor was born yesterday. You won’t be surprised that it’s going to be used for cloud computing.

The U.S. Senate voted down the resolution that would have overturned Net neutrality legislation in the U.S.

Battery woes abound for Apple. The iPhone 4S iOS 5.0.1 upgrade was supposed to fix the battery-draining woes of the iPhone 4S — but it didn’t actually help all that much. Meanwhile, the first-generation iPod nano’s overheating battery increases the risk that the device will catch fire. You can get your antique iPod nano replaced but here’s a warning — you’re going to get another antique iPod nano. One would assume the replacement won’t spontaneously combust as well.

Think you own your company’s corporate Twitter account? PhoneDog, a mobile review site, claims a former employee “stole” his corporate Twitter account by changing the password and the identifying features, essentially hijacking more than 17,000 followers in the process.

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