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Salesforce brings more AI tools to Sales GPT and Service GPT

The CRM giant brings generative AI-supported tools like message creation and call summaries to sales and service workers, and teams with Deloitte Digital for AI safety resources.

Salesforce will offer new generative AI tools and resources to use them securely.

The CRM giant unveiled more generative AI capabilities for Sales GPT and Service GPT, as well as a new partnership with consulting firm Deloitte Digital to provide customers with AI services and data protection best practices to deploy AI tools safely.

Salesforce introduced the new offerings and partnership at the World Tour London: AI Day conference on June 29, in London.

The new features for Sales GPT and Service GPT will be generally available later this year, according to Salesforce.

AI capabilities for all Salesforce apps

Since Salesforce released in March Einstein GPT, its generative AI-backed chatbot, it appears to be intent on injecting generative AI into as many services as possible.

From task automation and customer service to its commerce and marketing clouds, the vendor is looking to bring a generative AI makeover to all its platforms.

Salesforce's latest tools serve workers in sales and customer service -- job areas that have seen the least automation during the past two years, according to Valoir Research analyst Rebecca Wettemann.

"There's a significant opportunity for AI-driven automation in both," Wettemann said.

More genAI for sales and service

Generative AI tools for Service GPT include auto-generated responses to help service agents with customer calls, summaries of service cases and customer engagements. These summaries will also be converted into customer-focused articles for future reference.

These articles will be useful for Salesforce customers, said Predrag Jakovljevic, a Technology Evaluation Centers analyst.

"Generating articles for the knowledge base is especially cool, so that both the customers can find a troubleshooting solution as a self-service and technicians can use it in the future," Jakovljevic said.

With Service GPT, the time savings will be significant.
Rebecca WettemannAnalyst, Valoir Research

Automating these common tasks will speed workflows, according to Wettemann.

"With Service GPT, the time savings will be significant," Wettemann said. "But really significant over the longer term will be the reduction in training time for service agents and the ability to have inexperienced agents handle more complex cases."

Generative AI tools for Sales GPT include personalized auto-generated emails to customers, customer call summaries and a Sales Assistant to summarize sales processes such as account research, meeting preparation and contract clauses.

The average salesperson spends 16% of a work day reading and responding to email, according to Valoir research.

"Automating part of that process will be a significant gain," Wettemann said.

The CRM vendor said it also added a secure way for customers to use third-party large language modes (LLMs).

"Sales GPT has that interesting extra layer of protection for Salesforce customers who use third-party LLMs, which represents thoughtful planning," said Don Fluckinger, an analyst at TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group.

Collaborating to make genAI trustworthy

Deloitte Digital is partnering with Salesforce to give its customers resources to maintain safe AI operations for the vendor's CRM platforms.

Also at the conference, the Deloitte AI Academy said it will upskill 10,000 professionals to use AI in CRM programs, such as Einstein GPT, which works within Salesforce's CRM platforms.

"Both Salesforce and Deloitte recognize that Salesforce customers are going to need help and guidance beyond just the technical implementation, and Deloitte's investing in skilling up to provide it," Wettemann said.

Focusing on delivering an AI tool that prioritizes safety makes Salesforce's offerings more attractive to customers, Fluckinger added.

"I think tech companies that approach generative AI -- and AI in general -- by building and trust and transparency will win over their customers faster than those that just switch on the functionalities," Fluckinger said.

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