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By Erin Sullivan Mar 31, 2015


By Jonathan Hassell Get Started Mar 25, 2015

Windows Server networking improvements and changes

The next version of Windows Server will see the end of network access protection, but more networking enhancements can be found within. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Apr 24, 2015

Can I improve VM performance with flash tiering?

Physical RAM and flash storage are traditional ways to improve VM performance. But the addition of mixed flash holds promise. Continue Reading


By Rob Wright News Apr 22, 2015

Cloud privacy, security improving, but obstacles remain

At RSA Conference 2015 security officials from Microsoft, Google and more discussed cloud security and privacy improvements and top threats today. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Evaluate Apr 20, 2015

Can behavioral detection improve enterprise network security?

Expert Kevin Beaver explains how behavioral detection and traffic analysis helps combat advanced malware, as well as whether it is a more effective enterprise protection than perimeter security. Continue Reading


By Amy Reichert Manage Apr 16, 2015

Improve cloud portability for better end user experience

In the evolving mobile and cloud markets, end users strongly impact business decision making. Learn how cloud portability impacts end user experiences. Continue Reading


By Rob Bastiaansen Evaluate Dec 11, 2014

How to improve a VMware virtual appliance

Using a virtual appliance can eliminate a lot of manual fiddling, but VMware needs to improve a few areas to encourage their use among administrators. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 14, 2015

Use APM data for continuous process improvement

Continuous process improvement is an important part of achieving the Agile vision. Learn to leverage APM data to support better processes over time. Continue Reading


By Alan Joch Get Started Apr 13, 2015

Science of talent management software improves hiring

Creating successful hiring and training programs can be challenging. To meet the challenge, companies are turning to talent management software. Continue Reading


By Joel Shore Manage Apr 09, 2015

Mobile app development tools to improve user experience

A new series from HP was created to help app developers get an edge on user experiences, dissatisfaction and habits. Continue Reading