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By Brenda Cole Manage Jun 30, 2015

Improving data flow with ERP consolidation

Multiple ERP systems can block data accessibility and kill productivity. Here's how an ERP integration project can help. Continue Reading


By Paul Kirvan Get Started Jul 31, 2015

Continuous improvement process important for BC/DR

A process for continuous improvement of BC/DR operational and administrative activities is an important aspect of a business continuity management system. Continue Reading


By Dan Ring News Jul 30, 2015

ADP, Oracle release cloud HCM improvements

ADP and Oracle announced hundreds of improvements and new functions in cloud HCM, but the companies face a tough fight for market share. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Jul 29, 2015

Proper tools improve AWS cloud developer productivity

Developers can work with Amazon Machine Images to control a variety of cloud resources, and can use AWS and third-party tools to improve workflows. Continue Reading


By Shaun Sutner Jul 29, 2015

IoT in healthcare and improving the patient experience

Kiosks and patient-friendly approaches to IoT in healthcare are means of improving the patient experience. Follow along as #chatHIT participants sound off. Continue Reading


By Eric Cole Get Started Jul 17, 2015

Six ways to improve endpoint device security

Endpoint devices are often the root cause of data breaches. Expert Eric Cole explains the best ways to improve endpoint protection. Continue Reading


By Ed Burns News Jul 16, 2015

How one company improved its data literacy

All smart businesses these days want to be data-driven. With a shortage of knowledgeable workers, getting to that point can be hard -- but the head of BI at online lender Avant is helping it to do so. Continue Reading


By Mike O. Villegas Problem Solve Jul 09, 2015

Can thinking like cyberattackers improve organizations' security?

Getting in the minds of cyberattackers can help organizations mount better defenses against attacks. Here are some ways to accomplish this. Continue Reading


By Brent Leary Manage Jul 07, 2015

Improving customer engagement strategies with CRM tools

There are several different types of CRM tools that can be used to improve your customer engagement strategies. Continue Reading


By Steve Goodman Get Started Jun 18, 2015

Exchange updates improve ActiveSync client migrations

Exchange 2010 and 2013 now include a feature to automate mobile device reconfiguration during an Office 365 migration. Continue Reading