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Calling FedEx out

Sometimes you hear something and think: “Hey, that can’t be true.”

Take this statement from FedEx Corp. CIO Rob Carter at his Enterprise 2.0 Conference keynote this week.

“There’s also a cool new Facebook application. It’s the No. 1 Facebook application right now, called Launch a Package.” (Video of the keynote.)

Hold on. This is the CIO of a $35 billion revenue company. He is the opening keynote speaker at an Enterprise 2.0 conference. Does he not understand Facebook? Why would he say something so blatantly untrue?

Launch a Package is a FedEx-built Facebook toy that lets users “launch” packages of photos, videos, messages and attachments at their friends. FedEx wins here because it builds brand recognition among an age group that doesn’t feel too strongly about the FedEx vs. UPS debate.

Launch a Package has about 1,107 daily active users. Compare this with Super Wall, which has nearly 2.5 million active daily users.

I don’t know what criteria Carter is using to deem Launch a Package “the No. 1 Facebook application right now.” Perhaps he meant “No. 1 Facebook application I’m mentioning in my speech.”

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