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query: A database query can be either a select query or an action query. A select query is simply a data ...

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Conversations: I want to sort the data with SQL Query.

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By Dan Sullivan Manage Mar 31, 2015

Tune database query performance with Redis cache

To tune a database, start with query optimization and data model tuning. When those fail to deliver necessary query performance, turn to Redis cache. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jan 14, 2015

Government extends PSN in response to supplier query deluge

The Crown Commercial Service is extending the PSN Connectivity and Services frameworks for a further 12 months, after receiving a deluge of questions about its impending replacement Continue Reading


By Antony Adshead Mar 06, 2015

Law firm cuts SQL query times and future-proofs with Tegile hybrid flash

Reading-based Boyes and Turner opts not to replace Dell EqualLogic SAN and brings in hybrid flash array from startup Tegile Continue Reading


By Matthew Morris Manage Oct 16, 2013

How to perform Oracle Flashback Transaction Queries

Read how Oracle Flashback Transaction Query can eliminate the need to use Log Miner to reconstruct database transactions. Continue Reading


By Craig Stedman Get Started Mar 13, 2014

Hadoop 2 query: Less talk, more action with new Hadoop version?

For all the hype about Hadoop, adoption remains relatively low. But the Hadoop 2 release could give prospective users more reasons to move forward. Continue Reading


By Dan Clamage Problem Solve Aug 21, 2013

Dynamic query failing with a single date condition

A reader asks Oracle expert Dan Clamage about a single date condition mucking up a dynamic query. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Evaluate May 27, 2014

VoltDB 4.0 boosts query speeds, enables on-the-fly cluster scaling

The latest version of VoltDB's NewSQL database expands on its initial operational processing focus, enhancing query capabilities for analytics jobs. Continue Reading


By Don Loden Manage Nov 21, 2013

Tap SAP Information Steward to see how BEx query changes affect reports

Companies should use SAP Information Steward's Metadata Management tool to avoid 'broken' BI reports, writes SAP expert Don Loden. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 14, 2011

Oracle querying for developers

What pain points do you experience in Oracle querying? Read this excerpt from Michael McLaughlin’s Oracle Database 11g & MySQL 5.6 Developer Handbook to learn the answers to your questions. Continue Reading


May 29, 2012

What Oracle Database queries to tune, and when to index

Popular Oracle author and consultant Richard Niemiec talks about what Oracle Database queries are the best to tune, when it’s smart to index, and the importance of Exadata. Continue Reading