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query: A database query can be either a select query or an action query. A select query is simply a data ...

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Conversations: I want to sort the data with SQL Query.

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Manage Jul 14, 2005

Freebie: Query Analyzer's Query Plans

Learn about one hidden gem in the Query Analyzer -- graphical query plans. Continue Reading


News Jun 22, 2003


Manage Jul 08, 2003

Debugging QuerySave and QueryClose form events

How to avoid skipping over the default LS debugger when debugging the LotusScript QuerySave and LotusScript QueryClose events. Continue Reading


By Rudy Limeback Problem Solve Sep 19, 2005

Query 2 should not include results from Query 1

We have a Users table with over 3 million user records in it (like a data warehouse). The requirement is to execute two queries on the Users table, where the return of the second query should not have any users ... Continue Reading


By Brian Peasland Problem Solve May 16, 2007

Find out if a query used an index

How do I know if a query used an index? Continue Reading


Manage Dec 10, 2001

Class to access query string

a general class to access the variables from query string Continue Reading


Problem Solve Feb 21, 2005

Securing query definitions

A better way of granting users access to query definitions. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 03, 2002

Using an Index for a Query

How to use an index instead of a query to improve date retrieval. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 16, 2003

Joining tables in SQL queries

Discusses how to join tables in SQL Server queries. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 13, 2001

What defines a data mining query?

Spells out five characteristics of a data mining query. Continue Reading