Tech Marketer Talks: Zak Garner, DWA Media

Sandra Nangeroni Senior Director, Marketing & Sales Enablement

Zak Garner is Director, New Media for DWA Media in San Francisco. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Zak to get more insight on what to look for […]

marketing ROI
Review These 3 Elements Before Calculating Your Marketing ROI

Ben Bradley Director of Strategic Accounts - Client Consulting

I am sure you have no doubt heard the phrase “Content is King” when it comes to marketing. This is an undeniable truth. But if content is King, then Marketing […]

observed intelligence at autin summit
Observed Intelligence at the TechTarget ROI Summit in Austin

Peter Ross VP, Corporate Marketing

Earlier in the week I returned from our annual ROI Summit event in Austin, TX where we had the opportunity to present, interact and discuss marketing strategies with many local […]

ROI Summit Austin
TechTarget ROI Summit returns to Austin, TX- March 5

Peter Ross VP, Corporate Marketing

ROI Summit Austin – Bringing powerful Intelligence Driven Marketing strategies to you It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since we hosted our last annual TechTarget ROI Summit in Austin. We […]

data vs. intelligence
Why marketing data is useless without intelligence

Garrett Mann Director, Content Marketing

Is data enough? If you are a technology marketer, you have no doubt heard that Big data is going to change your life. There is certainly a never-ending supply of […]

Visualization process
5 steps to strategic visualization during content creation: reversing a process to be more compelling

Vince Bitel VP of Creative Services

  The stampede of the infographic gold rush has left a lot of humble bar and pie charts littering the shoulders of the visualization trail. Are any of us sympathetic? […]

Both sides of the brain are smart
On Marketing ROI: Your Right Brain Called, and it Misses You Terribly

Vince Bitel VP of Creative Services

If you have a job in marketing, chances are very good you are a right brainer, often making good decisions using experience and gut instinct as your guide. It couldn’t […]

Marketing integration and social convergence in Europe

Client Consulting Team

Having just returned from our London and Munich Online ROI Summits and having had time to digest customer feedback, it  is obvious that our theme of “integration “ and convergence […]

The Implications of Convergence

Client Consulting Team

Well, having just come off of the Austin and Boston Summits I have a clearer view of what “convergence” means to IT buyers. In Boston I had a great IT […]

Do Co-Branded Campaigns Really Work?

Client Consulting Team

Many marketers are trying to achieve brand lift by executing co-branded campaigns with outside partners.  They spend time, energy and most of all dollars.  But does it work? How effective […]

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