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5 popular revenue operations platforms to know

The right revenue operations platform can unite the sales and marketing teams and drive revenue growth.

To maintain focus on new logos and existing relationships, the sales, marketing and account success leadership teams must align.

To help with this, organizations have started to adopt revenue operations (RevOps) platforms that provide a holistic view of every account, from prospect to the ongoing nurturing of the account.

Why invest in a revenue operations platform?

It is common for sales and marketing to experience frustration as each department works on generating qualified leads. This pain point often stems from either a lack of collaboration or the use of different tools and systems to track crucial account data. All of that can result in a duplication of effort and client frustration.

A revenue operations platform can help create an end-to-end process and workflow that focuses on revenue generation. These platforms introduce a set of KPIs, unified processes and automation that every team can use.

Organizations can choose from some of the most popular RevOps platforms.

The platform offers a distinct approach to solving the disconnect found between sales and marketing. It focuses on four key components that assist sales and marketing in having full visibility of the prospect or customer while still increasing their efficiency.

Centralized communication centralizes communication needs to and from contacts -- a feature not found in many of its competitor's products. It allows the user to email, leave voicemails and text their potential prospect or client from within the platform and maintain all communications in one place.

Always-on assistant analyzes all of the data by integrating it with an organization's CRM platform, LinkedIn and other online sources to detect insights relevant to the reps. The contact list, recent organizational changes, major news announcements and other meaningful information can come in handy for representatives when contacting their leads or an existing client.

AI-based knowledge

Through its AI engine, the platform recommends the best actions to take during the day-to-day of sales and marketing. An example is a recommendation to delay an email to the prospect because their autoreply indicates that they are out of the office and that sending an email will likely have a low success rate.

Campaign projections and testing

The fourth major feature is the platform's ability to experiment with different campaigns and scenarios to test sales and marketing approaches and measure their success rate before sending them to prospects. These tests can help users further optimize their strategies.

This RevOps platform focuses on automation capabilities to support sales. It can generate and push out activities to the CRM platform while maintaining control of the data through deduplication and data validation features. In addition, its AI engine analyzes sales accounts, opportunities and business activities to map contacts and data to provide insights and recommendations without extensive rep training. Its Co-Pilot feature also provides an easy-to-use interface that highlights the most important activities based on ranking and the next best action to take by combining data from sales automation tools and other sources.

chart depicting the popularity growth of RevOps from 2018 and 2019
RevOps has steadily grown in popularity as more organizations realize its potential and invest in its development.


Clari's connected revenue operations platform has three key areas of focus.

Real-time data

The platform supports gathering data from multiple sources, including communication platforms, which hold the different reps' emails, calendar invites and calls with the client or prospect, along with CRM activities. By bringing all of this data under Clari, sales and other reps can have a comprehensive view of their accounts.

Actionable insights based on AI and ML

Clari's AI and machine learning algorithms analyze data and identify meaningful patterns to help highlight any risks and insights into opportunities. The generated insights can help users make decisions based on the most recently available data.

Accurate forecasting with AI

Clari's AI engine also provides deal predictions based on collected data and its algorithms. These predictions help accurately outline potential revenue and the forecasts that the company can expect, ultimately providing better visibility into what the pipeline holds for the revenue operations team.


LeanData is another popular RevOps platform that aims to help organizations clean and organize account and contact data to deliver the information most needed during the sales process. There are three key components that LeanData offers.


LeanData provides a way to customize a set of rules and workflows that can route an incoming lead to the appropriate team or individual. This can increase efficiency and eliminate unnecessary delays associated with the reassignment of leads. LeanData's visual routing graph can design workflows and allows sales and Ops leadership to translate their visual flow charts into workflows without the need to code or create complex automation in their CRM or marketing tools.


LeanData offers the ability to use its matching algorithms to pair contacts with the appropriate accounts and ensure data deduplication. In addition, companies can define their custom matching requirements to supplement what LeanData offers.


This product also provides a common interface that users can access for a comprehensive view of all activities associated with an account or contact, regardless of whether the data comes from a CRM or marketing tool.


Openprise takes data from multiple sources like sales and marketing and stores it in a central repository. The platform can then process and analyze the data to generate meaningful insights like account or lead scoring to help decide the highest return for the effort.

Data management and normalization

Openprise can ingest data from different data sources such as purchased lead lists, conference attendees, partners lists and any other lead contact list. The system can sort inputted data, tag the appropriate contacts and then classify that data appropriately. The data management process also includes capabilities to dedupe the information to ensure that unique records from the lists persist.

Automation of data manipulation and routing

The data orchestration application of Openprise allows users to automate data loading and information routing based on predefined criteria by the sales and marketing departments. Through a no-code development platform, these custom workflows or business rules mean business users can build their own rules without the need for developers or coders.

Integration with third-party sales automation tools

Once Openprise processes the information from lists and properly classifies the data, it can automatically upload leads based on customer-defined rules to sales automation tools such as Salesforce or Marketo. The platform also allows users to build custom integrations through APIs.

What is the right revenue operations platform?

With increased competition for different services and products, companies have to adjust their revenue generation strategies and look for ways to reduce the sales cycle, increase win rates and upsell or retain existing accounts. RevOps is the right tool to include in digital transformation efforts and addresses many of the general gaps that sales, marketing and account success teams experience.

But adopting the software is only a part of the puzzle. The rest comes down to engaging the different departments and defining a new set of processes and procedures.

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