Dialogflow is a natural language processing (NLP) platform that can be used to build conversational applications and experiences for a company’s customers in various languages and on multiple platforms. The Google-powered product enables developers to create text-based and voice conversation interfaces for responding to customer queries in different languages.

For example, a company can use Dialogflow to create messaging bots that respond to customer queries in platforms like Alexa Voice Services (AVS), Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger, Slack and several other messaging integrations.

Dialogflow is the most common conversational tool used to create functionality for Google Assistant devices. The company was previously called API.AI and acquired by Google in 2016. It was then renamed Dialogflow.

Uses for Dialogflow

Dialogflow can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Customer service artificial intelligence (AI) agents- Interfaces can be programmed to answer questions, access orders, make appointments and take requests.
  • Conversational commerce- Bots can help customers make self-service purchases or schedule deliveries.
  • Internet of things (IoT)- Dialogflow can be applied to IoT devices to make them better at understanding context and responding with precision.

Additionally, potential users can view samples to explore how a chat agent can respond to various inquiries on the Dialogflow website. A getting started guide is also available from the company for investigating the types of integrations available and determining if they provide the proper solution.

Benefits of Dialogflow

A few benefits of using Dialogflow are:

  • Is user-friendly and intuitive with an integrated code editor and serverless application structure.
  • Offers its integrations in over 20 different languages, with differentiation amongst the types of services offered for each.
  • Software development kits (SDK) are offered for multiple different devices such as mobile devices, cars, wearables, speakers and other smart devices.
  • Incorporates Google features such as machine learning and speech-to-text translation.
  • Actions can be built for multiple AI assistants, including Google Assistant, Alexa Cortana and Facebook Messenger.
  • Dialogflow enterprise edition is offered through the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which is targeted toward “natural and rich” interactions between the business and their customers and experiences at a larger scale required for larger organizations.
  • Can perform sentiment analysis for user queries.
This was last updated in June 2019

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