GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare is a subsidiary of General Electric Co., that focuses on new developments in health information technology (HIT) such as more advanced medical imaging technology and patient monitoring systems.

The group is divided into six business divisions.

  • GE Healthcare Global Diagnostic Imaging deals with X-ray, mammography and molecular imaging tools.
  • GE Healthcare Clinical Systems provides technology such as electrocardiography, ultrasound and incubators for clinicians and administrators.
  • GE Healthcare IT is responsible for the products used by client hospitals; these include imaging and electronic medical record (EMR) systems as well as financial software and services.
  • GE Healthcare Medical Diagnostics produces and develops tools that aid medical imaging, such as the dyes used to highlight specific organs during a scan.
  • GE Healthcare Life Sciences focuses on drug discovery, the creation of new and stronger drugs, and the purification of pharmaceuticals.
  • GE Healthcare Surgery produces surgical technology, such as cardiac catheterization tools. Its labs also research advances in interventional medical care.


This was last updated in January 2011

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