Load DynamiX

Load DynamiX, formerly known as SwiftTest, is a storage performance analytics vendor. Load DynamiX appliances are used to simulate production workloads to validate enterprise storage systems before they are put into production.

Originally, Load DynamiX sold its appliances to storage vendors only, but now also sells directly to enterprise IT users. Users can choose from two appliances:

  • Workload Generation Appliance simulates large workloads to test the limits of capacity and scalability on a storage system.
  • Workload Sensors monitor and analyze real-time workloads on production storage.

Appliances support block, file and object protocols. Users are able to test more than one system simultaneously. All appliances are equipped with Workload Insight Manager software, which was also available from SwiftTest before it was rebranded.

In April 2014 the vendor added a virtual desktop infrastructure workload model that can simulate boot storms and data reduction to test storage systems in VDI environments.

In December 2015 Load DynamiX Enterprise software was launched, which allows users to create custom workload profiles, measure performance and obtain analytics on their storage infrastructure. In January 2016 it added virtual appliance versions of its Workload Generation appliances.

This was last updated in February 2016

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