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By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Oct 03, 2014

Windows 8.1 features that secure BYOD access

Ensuring BYOD access in an enterprise environment can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to balancing security with employee satisfaction. Learn about different Windows 8.1 features that can help ease ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 16, 2014

Does Windows 8.1 meet the demands of the BYOD age?

The variety and sheer number of network endpoints, users and devices in the enterprise today is driving IT's demands for enhanced security features and tools; Windows 8.1 is Microsoft's response. Windows 8.1 ... Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Sep 06, 2012

Preparing for Windows 8 BYOD: Security features on Windows 8 tablets

How should enterprises be preparing for Windows 8 BYOD tablets? Expert Michael Cobb breaks down the security features for Microsoft's upcoming OS. Continue Reading


By Diana Hwang News Mar 25, 2013

Windows 8 Companion Subscription License may lower BYOD costs

Microsoft's Companion Subscription License with Windows 8 accommodates BYOD and may turn out to be more economical for some enterprises. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve Aug 08, 2012

ActiveSync support in Windows 8 helps Exchange shops control BYOD

Windows 8 and Windows RT lean on an old friend for Exchange connectivity. It improves Exchange mailbox security on tablets, making BYOD more feasible for Exchange orgs. Continue Reading


By Eugene Demaitre Get Started May 18, 2012

Microsoft licensing FAQ: Watching Windows 8, BYOD and the cloud

Microsoft licensing rules have always been complex, but IT might not know how they apply to VDI and mobile devices. As Windows 8 and Office 15 approach, see whether you comply. Continue Reading


By Archana Venkatraman Apr 26, 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 VDI licensing adds BYOD licensing complexity, cost

Microsoft’s VDI licensing option in Windows 8 requires customers pay fees to allow user devices such as iPads to access Windows-based corporate virtual desktops. Continue Reading


By Diana Hwang News Oct 04, 2013

Is Dell getting its mojo back with new tablets and notebook PCs?

Dell pushes PocketCloud and launches new Android and Windows 8.1 tablets and notebooks to capture the BYOD market. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver News Oct 14, 2013

New Windows 8.1 features can boost mobile device management

Among its new Windows 8.1 features, Microsoft has added mobile device management tools, such as Open MDM, strengthening the case for Windows 8.1 BYOD. Continue Reading


By Kevin Beaver Evaluate Oct 21, 2013

Bring some control to cloud file sharing with Windows 8.1 Work Folders

BYOD security worries include how to control file synchronization. Work Folders in the Windows 8.1 update can be set to govern cloud file sharing. Continue Reading