Kurtis Kendall

Senior Copywriting Strategist

Diverse buying team
The Value of Independent Third-Party Content

Kurtis Kendall Senior Copywriting Strategist

Independent, third-party authored content is the #1 most valued content by tech buyers, TechTarget and Enterprise Strategy Group’s 2024 Media Consumption Study reveals. Additionally, 87% of buyers say that credible, […]

Lead gen content mix
Selecting the Right Lead Gen Content Mix Across the Buying Cycle

Kurtis Kendall Senior Copywriting Strategist

In lead gen, what types of content resonate the most with your audience? Is it white papers? Webinars? Analyst reports from Enterprise Strategy Group or Gartner? The answer isn’t one […]

Content for lead gen
The Importance of Selecting High-Quality Content for Lead Gen Campaigns

Kurtis Kendall Senior Copywriting Strategist

One of the most important aspects of your lead gen campaign is having high-quality content. Quality supersedes content type, length or mix regardless of your target audience or market. You […]


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