Salesforce is the sales and lead generation component of's Sales Cloud  customer relationship management (CRM) platform.'s cloud-based product enables automatic acquisition and management of CRM records. The platform enables sharing of contact data (similar to what is found on business cards) among members through its large user-generated database. Users not only access the database but also through their interactions constantly build, maintain and update its records, which include tens of millions of contacts from over four million companies.

The Prospector and Connect components provide access to company and customer contact information uploaded to the Connect database, along with data from the Dun & Bradstreet database of company profiles and information. Another component of the product, Clean, automatically enters and deduplicates contact information for customers and companies to ensure that the data is as consistent, current and accurate as possible.

See the keynote from Salesforce's Dreamforce user conference:

This was last updated in February 2016

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