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TechTarget publishes targeted information technology websites that provide you with resources for researching products, developing strategy and making cost-effective purchase decisions. Our network of technology-specific websites gives you access to information technology industry experts, independent content and analysis and the Web's largest library of vendor-neutral and vendor-provided white papers, webcasts, podcasts, videos, virtual trade shows, research reports and more. Our in-depth information technology articles, tips, and news draw on the rich R&D resources of technology providers and our own editorial experts to address market trends, challenges and solutions. TechTarget's live events and virtual seminars also give you access to vendor neutral, expert commentary and advice on the issues and challenges you face daily. Our social community IT Knowledge Exchange allows you to share real world information in real time with peers and experts.

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TechTarget is squarely focused on the enterprise IT space. Our team of editors and network of information technology industry experts provide the richest, most relevant content to IT professionals and management. We leverage the immediacy of the Web, the networking and face-to-face opportunities of events and virtual events, and the ability to interact with peers-all to create compelling and actionable information for enterprise IT professionals across all industries and markets.

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Now more than ever, IT professionals can't afford to waste time or money on anything that doesn't produce results. For precisely this reason, TechTarget Events have been designed to provide complimentary, practical advice that you'll put to use immediately.

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