SYSPRO is a vendor that specializes in providing ERP and other integrated business software to midsize manufacturers and distributors. SYSPRO's software encompasses all aspects of business, including accounting, manufacturing, operations and distribution.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, SYSPRO was founded by brothers Phil and Chris Duff in 1978 and has since maintained its presence in the ERP market. SYSPRO was one of the first vendors to develop ERP software.

Today, SYSPRO has regional offices in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, and is supported by more than 15,000 accredited channel partners. SYSPRO claims that over 14,000 licensed companies across six continents rely on its software to manage their business processes.

Key features of SYSPRO enterprise software

SYSPRO's enterprise business software help users to automate and integrate core business processes such as financials, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, operations and the supply chain through  applications that include:

SYSPRO's ERP suite supports manufacturers across various verticals, such as aerospace, automotive, chemicals and fertilizers, electronics, consumer durables, food and beverage, medical devices, mining, pharmaceuticals, construction, machinery and equipment, metal fabrication, plastics and rubber and wholesale supply and distribution.

SYSPRO claims that developing its applications on a single code base eliminates the need for external applications to run the business. It says this unified architecture and a look and feel that have remained consistent over the years help customers use new features with ease and to progress along with the product as it evolves.


SYSPRO 7 is the latest version of the SYSPRO ERP software. According to the company, a major focus of SYSPRO 7 is to ensure that it operates effectively in high-volume transaction environments, and provides greater functionality and performance for mobile users.

To that effect, SYSPRO 7 introduced new features, such as extended scalability, enhanced reporting capabilities, enriched user interface experience and a simplified installation process, the vendor claims.

SYSPRO 7 software is supported by technologies such as Microsoft .NET framework and ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Communication Foundation, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Office, 64-bit Windows operating system and Crystal Reports Server.

SYSPRO ERP can be installed on premises, hosted or provided as SaaS in the cloud. 

SYSPRO Business Live

SYSPRO Business Live is the SYSPRO ERP software packaged as an on-demand SaaS offering, which allows businesses access to SYSPRO ERP software without the need to maintain expensive servers and other IT infrastructure. SYSPRO provides maintenance and technical support in a cloud-based hosted environment.

SYSPRO Espresso 

SYSPRO Espresso is SYSPRO's next-generation mobile application that enables SYSPRO ERP users to access business data from any place, any time, on any device, according to the company.

SYSPRO Espresso is one of the first platforms of its kind to use a single  code base to create native applications for any mobile device, the vendor claims, with built-in  customization capabilities for both end user and developers. SYSPRO Espresso applications can use HTML5 as well as Microsoft technology and tools.

Some of SYSPRO's competitors in the ERP market include Epicor, Microsoft, SAP, Infor, Oracle, NetSuite, IFS, Sage and IQMS.

This was last updated in September 2017

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